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    Alif School upholds the Islamic tradition of great respect for knowledge and opens spirit of inquiry to know the creator and his creations with the intention of being successful in this world and hereafter. Alif School is a new endeavor brought forwarded by Hidaya Educational and Charitable Trust, a Non-profit organization of like-minded individuals. The team comprises of religious scholars, philanthropist, professionals and business men who are actively working for the community. Within a welcoming and supportive Islamic environment, Alif provides a stimulating and engaging and encouraging education program, designed to realize the highest potential in each child. Alif not only opens up the quest for knowledge but inculcates Islamic culture in the child. For this a complete Islamic environment is provided in the campus. We provide only the best for our students, and this is reflected in our performance.

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    Dual Education System

    Alif School of Dual Education is one such initiative that works to develop strong ethical leadership with the integration of Islamic and modern education so that the community as a whole is a winner, not just an individual. Our goal is to integrate Aalim or Hifz * (* Optional) education with quality modern education. The schedule is planned in such a way that they get ample study time for both the fields along with time for relaxation and childhood. Therfore we have designed the curriculum to ensure that the students get best of both the worlds without taxing their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cognitive, language, aesthetic and spiritual development.

    MS Education Academy

    MS is a pioneer institution in the field of modern and Islamic Education. It is a research based result oriented institution that imparts value driven quality education in Islamic environment to shape all round personalities that can lead tomorrow.

    Principal's Message

    Education is the biggest merit of human as long as it provides values otherwise the same education when detached from religion becomes harmful of being beneficial to the humanity.Hence it is indispensable to amalgamate education with morality, ethics and religion while mastering language to spread this knowledge as well as thoughts to the mass. Alif School aims to prepare its students in four spheres and develop their personality in all desired fields. Best wishes for the efforts of the staff, parents and students.


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